WTS Paradigm Configures on the Web!

Published on April 28th, 2017

WTS Paradigm is proud to announce the launch of its Web CenterPointTM product.

The industry powerhouse did much more than just put CenterPoint on the web – it completely redesigned the selling experience, creating a product that makes quoting and ordering faster and easier than ever. Web CenterPoint is a first for the building products industry – it offers a reliable, scalable, cutting-edge configurator, designed with building products and branding in mind, as well as access to the data behind it all to help drive business decisions in the right direction.

Fast and Easy Configuration
Jess Williamson, Product Owner at WTS Paradigm, shares how Web CenterPoint is designed specifically for the needs of an industry that is becoming more and more tech-savvy: “Our goal is to make configuration fun. Web CenterPoint is speedy, it helps the user along the way, it lets them give feedback, and it works on tons of devices – everything from Macs to PCs to mobile.“

The intuitive workflow and sleek new UI are two significant differentiators for Web CenterPoint. “We’ve conducted years of research – digging into click-counts, user behavior, drivers of satisfaction and loyalty. We created a number of features that make selling easier and faster,” Williamson shares. “Web CenterPoint is the cutting edge in not only making selling beautiful and easy, but also providing a powerful channel for our partners so they can reach more users than ever before.”

SaaS: Software as a Service
There’s no need to worry about hosting because WTS Paradigm takes care of it all! Web CenterPoint is offered as a SaaS solution, so there’s no need to focus on buying, managing, and maintaining hardware. WTS Paradigm leverages reliable cloud technologies for a fast, secure, and trusted solution that can expand with business growth for years to come.  WTS Paradigm will manage the software, so IT teams and resources can do what they do best and not worry about supporting third-party quoting applications.

Available Now!
Web CenterPoint is already in use with building materials manufacturers. Available for those that want to simplify the configuration process for complex products, reduce the number of errors connected with quoting, and free up resources associated with hosting and managing your current solution.

About WTS Paradigm
WTS Paradigm, LLC., is the leading technology solutions provider for the building products industry. Their MasterPointTM ERP system, CenterPoint™ sales tool, and other solutions are specifically designed to help organizations operating in the building products industry to build revenue, increase sales opportunities, and reduce the time from quoting to closing.

To learn more, visit wtsparadigm.com