What’s in a contractor’s new tool belt? Technology, of course.

Published on April 13th, 2016

Joe Daniels – WTS Paradigm, Product Manager

Hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, utility knife, chisel, chalk line, smart phone, tablet and perhaps a whole lot more. It’s more important than ever to equip your contracting partners with the technology they need for estimating, quoting, and ordering. Why you say? Because our industry research, conducted among thousands of respondents, clearly indicates that contractors are looking for digital communication alternatives, and they believe it can save them an hour or two each day. So, let’s start giving them what they want.

Obviously, manufacturers don’t have the time to quote for contractors, and contractors don’t have much time for quoting either, which leaves a gap to fill that can differentiate manufacturers from their competitors. Contractors aren’t just looking for good building products, they’re looking for faster and simpler ways to order them, and that’s your ticket to building some loyalty and preference among a group with many buying options.

Our research is suggesting that contractors want to estimate, quote, and order when they’re on the fly – that includes on the jobsite, in their car, and in the home – anywhere and everywhere. In addition, as homeowners eye a more contemporary style with added technological features, contractors want to appear technology-savvy. It’s not hard to do. With solutions like TouchQuote and Web Channel from WTS Paradigm, you can put new tools into the hands of contractors; new tools for them to get their jobs done faster.