Using Data for the Greater Good

Published on February 3rd, 2016

Kari Tamminga – WTS Paradigm, Marketing Manager

And the greater good just happens to be the greater good of your company. Billy Beane, the famous Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Oakland Athletics, who was made even more famous after Brad Pitt portrayed him in the critically acclaimed movie, Moneyball, famously said, “Almost like a car salesman, if a guy walks onto a lot and a salesmen qualifies him on how he is dressed, he may miss out on a heck of a sale; we try to open our mind and say, it’s not about perception or what you think you see.” And he’s right because Billy Beane is famous for taking data, often times called Big Data, and applying it to the practicalities of business, which in his case is baseball, and not letting emotion get in the way of the love of the game. He uses facts to advance his team.

Why not do the same with your Big Data? We can apply the enormous amounts of data we compile, and use that data to develop critical insights, test the marketing ideas that are the bi-products of those insights, and then track the marketing of those ideas to see if they are increasing customer interactions, sales conversions, and ultimately profitable revenue. Yes, we can drive bottom line sales by using your data.

And that’s not all. The data is also behavior-based. Think about it like this; when we understand the product options your customers might choose in our building products configurator, or even what product options might be an opportunity for upselling, we will add incremental sales to your order. We have created a sales tool that uncovers opportunities around every corner. And that’s what our Big Data does.

And just as Billy Beane said to a player, “I hired you to get on first base, not get thrown out at second,” our data will drive you successfully around all the bases, scoring sales victories all along the way.