Solution:Mobile Selling

Here’s a quote from Dale Carnegie, “If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.”

With TouchQuote® from WTS Paradigm, your sales force will be enthusiastic.

There are many wonderful quotes about sales successes that we can reference when discussing TouchQuote. Let’s try this one from the advertising legend himself, David Ogilvy, “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is content.” And you know what? TouchQuote has all the content, all the data, and all the details your mobile sales force needs to make customers buy. But don’t take it from us, here’s a quote from Brian Leader, the owner of ImproveIt! Home Remodeling

“Our sales reps are the best in the industry, but even they need a bit of help. With TouchQuote in hand, our team has closed more leads, done a better job showcasing our products, and have made better use of their time in-home with our customers”

Brian Leader – Owner
ImproveIt! Home Remodeling

Brian’s right. WTS Paradigm stays on the leading edge of technology by offering solutions to customers that help them maximize the sales process – solutions like TouchQuote. If you’re selling building products to prospective homeowners, or customers looking to remodel, show them your technology-chops by using your tablet on a job-site, in a home, literally anywhere you want to meet your prospects. You can show them products, configurations, pricing, product comparisons used for upselling and cross-selling, quotes, and your quote seamlessly transitions to an order after you close the sale. TouchQuote is a customized selling machine loaded with the content and data you need to sell effectively.


TouchQuote Benefits

Overcome Objections

Advanced upselling capabilities and immediate quote comparisons give you an answer for any objection your customer might have

Enhance Presentations

Quickly gathers and processes building products data for a more streamlined and polished sales presentation

Deploy Technology

Enhance the company brand and products through tablet and mobile technology

Manage Messaging

Provides sales managers with a consistent product, process and company message for their reps

Sell Efficiently

Sell the entire exterior of a home with one device

Integrate Easily

Integrates with all other WTS Paradigm applications

With the touch of a button, WTS Paradigm is bringing you sales success with TouchQuote.

Gone are the days when you had to calculate prices, let alone search and configure product solutions, and don’t get us started on hand-written proposals. With TouchQuote, you’ll be able to maximize your investment in lead generation, you’ll sell more effectively, squeeze more sales calls into your day, and add more value to your sales objectives than ever before. And who doesn’t want that?