Solution:Product Data Management, Catalog Quality Control

Want to see how much time it takes Safeguard® to make your catalog perfect?

Want to see it again?

Safeguard from WTS Paradigm is the most incredible quality assurance tool that the building products industry has seen since the caliper. But wait, there’s more. Let’s face it, there can be millions of options in a manufacturer’s catalog, so many in fact that one missed price here and another missed price there, and pretty soon it’s going to add up to some real money; unfortunately, real money lost. And that can happen every time you release a catalog update. But it doesn’t need to be that way, not with Safeguard watching over your data.

Safeguard was developed by WTS Paradigm after many customers asked for a way to make certain their catalog data was accurate. Our customers wanted pricing assurances, ways to test pricing, and analytics to assure quality to tolerance levels that only perfection would allow. When we run Safeguard on your catalog, before you release an update, you can be assured the changes are intended, that pricing is exact, and that you have maximized your catalog for its full potential, which essentially means its potential to maximize sales gain.

And when you offer an accurate catalog, you’re also offering a better user experience for your dealers and their end-users.

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Safeguard Benefits

Track Changes

Provides lists of changes between different catalogs by using automated and intelligent testing tools

Consolidate Errors

Consolidates thousands of potential catalog errors into one root cause

Test Configurations

Increase speed to market by running regression tests for millions of configurations

Track Trends

Track catalog change and pricing trends to increase revenue

Determine Impact

Determine market impact of new catalog releases

Enhance Accuracy

Enhance satisfaction levels to dealers and end-users through catalog accuracy

You don’t really think about catalog mistakes until there’s actually a mistake.

But with Safeguard, it’s so easy to stay ahead of the game. With a 12-month subscription, you’ll spend more time maximizing your sales opportunities while minimizing your time resolving errors. Now that’s the way to build your building products company.