Welcome to manufacturing execution at its best.

Now that’s the point of MasterPoint™.

There are many ERPs out there, and many of them are exceptional, as well as being exceptionally expensive. But MasterPoint is the one ERP specifically designed for the building products industry. It might not be the right fit for all manufacturers, but it could be the right manufacturing execution solution for you.


“Using WTS Paradigm’s MasterPoint scheduling module allows us to manage virtually every minute of our labor resources. The scheduling module has become the cornerstone of our production and labor planning.”

Dave Converse – Operations Manager, Kenyon’s Stained Glass Factory

MasterPoint Benefits

Manage Production

Manages Just-in-Time production dates, shop floor capacity, reworks, returns and backorders

Simplify Integration

Full integration with equipment, time management and accounting software

Go Paperless

“Paperless Shop Floor” module eliminates printing of shop reports and provides personnel with an easy to use web-based interface

Reduce Lead Times

Reduces lead times based on capacities through automatic production date calculations

Reduce Costs

Eliminates labor costs from re-keying of orders and manual calculations of data

Optimize Forecasts

Effectively forecasts inventory levels for Just-in-Time shipping and optimizes safety stock levels

MasterPoint collects all of the precise data within CenterPoint and generates the bill of material data that sets the course for your daily production scheduling, purchasing, shipping and invoicing processes. It allows you to work in a just-in-time environment by providing your production staff with a complete list of product specifications, production, shipping and performance labels, it tracks orders and returns, and even flags parts for custom orders. MasterPoint integrates with factory equipment as well as the time management and accounting software that you utilize. MasterPoint is an ERP of the building products industry, by the building products industry, for the building products industry.

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Instead of Enterprise Resource Planning, perhaps we should refer to MasterPoint as Economical Resource Planning.

Because that’s what it is. MasterPoint is packed with the exact features that are needed to run your building products production environment. These are features that are completely aligned with the needs of supervisors, plant managers, and production control specialists.