MasterPoint: A Simple Solution for Complex Products

Published on February 21st, 2017

WTS Paradigm Customer: Norwood Windows and Doors
Location: Scoudouc, New Brunswick
Products Used: CenterPoint & MasterPoint

Norwood, a division of West-Wood Industries, is a family-owned manufacturer of wood windows and doors, specifically designed to withstand the harsh North American winters. For over 60 years, Norwood has taken pride in creating a complete line of low-maintenance and high-performance products made with the preservation of the environment in mind. Due to the complexity of their high-end architectural products, Norwood saw WTS Paradigm as the clear choice to handle their shop floor needs.

Jody Allen, Senior Manager at Norwood, recently shared what makes Norwood stand out: their staff of highly-skilled craftspeople and their investment in MasterPoint.

Norwood’s Secret

People: The secret is simple, Norwood relies on their skilled workforce of over 270 dedicated and trained individuals to produce historical restoration, residential, and commercial windows and doors. As Allen puts it: “The difference between us and the competition is us, the people. We have amazing staff and true craftsmen.” And with MasterPoint running the shop floor, Norwood’s talented product experts can focus on what they do best.

Products: Norwood offers thousands of style and size combinations, energy-saving features, a multitude of innovative design and décor options. These options are not only managed, but optimized in MasterPoint by maintaining the supply and distribution balance.

Technology:  With such extremely complex products, Norwood immediately saw the value in WTS Paradigm’s ERP software, MasterPoint. “I don’t think there is another software on the market that could compare and manage Norwood’s complex products,” Allen shares, “We have many Stile and Rail products and WTS handles this variety of products daily.”

WTS Paradigm strives to be a strategic partner and by having the most sophisticated platforms, services, and opportunities (designed specifically for the industry) they’re able to arm WTS customers with the most cutting-edge technology and tools. As Allen puts it: “If you look at the successful fortune 500 companies, they’re all leaders and always improving. WTS behaves the same way. No one else is even close to keeping up with Paradigm. Norwood creates a lot of historic looking products for historic landmarks, so it is sort of ironic that we’re using a completely state of the art platform.”


Norwood is a company both built on tradition and with eyes on the future. This skilled, technology-savvy manufacturer is just unlocking all of the potential that it means to be a WTS Paradigm partner.

“We’re not even using the full power of WTS and already there have been so many wins.” Allen shares: “Being able to provide an elevation drawing and CAD drawing directly out of the system. We are no longer doing hand drawings, everything comes out of the system. It has reduced the dealer turnaround time by 50%. WTS empowers Norwood to serve our customers better.”

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