It’s what’s inside our building products configurator that adds value to the outside.

The bottom line is that the data enhances your bottom line.

If your products are part of the building products industry then perhaps WTS Paradigm can help you build some revenue. And if you have a product focus that leans more to the outside of a home, then you’ll be able to lean on us to configure, quote, process orders, analyze data, make your catalog error-free, upsell and cross-sell, even provide manufacturing execution through our building products ERP. We assist hundreds of manufacturers, retailers, lumberyards and dealers throughout North America to drive revenue through our CenterPoint configuration and selling application. Here are the “outside” markets we service.



  • We can configure every imaginable combination of window shapes, sizes and grille patterns
  • Also filters and configures finishes, hardware types and exterior color options
  • Our solution produces scaled drawings that highlight glass details, rough and daylight openings, even grille alignments
  • We configure difficult mulling scenarios both for the factory and in the field
  • Key performance data can be generated for window testing programs like Energy Star, NFRC and Coastal Impact ratings
  • This is the most detailed door configurator that shows consumers the intricacies of wood grains, finishes and glass patterns that are required to close sales
  • This interior and exterior door configurator is many times faster than the others and reduces waiting times at the retail counter
  • We have designed this for a simple user experience that guides personnel through complex filtering for dimensions, door slabs and glass designs
  • Complex filtering logic is also used to correctly identify boring options after panel and glass selections are made
  • This configurator was also designed to build out continuous head and sill construction as well as sidelite assembly
  • Advanced filtering is also provided to show hardware designs and finishes with additional details for locks, hinges and dead bolts
Garage Doors


  • Configures all aspects of garage doors from panels and grain to track systems and remote control
  • Garage doors are configured quickly for reduced waiting times, and with a user experience that simplifies the complexities of garage door decision making
  • This configurator was developed to allow the user to completely customize each garage door from single or multi-panels to finishes and glass patterns
  • Advanced filtering determines lift and track requirements based on the manufacturer’s performance guidelines
  • It also filters for selections of garage door openers based on the configured design
  • End users can view detailed images of the design including glass patterns and wood grains of each panel
Window Fashions


  • This is the industry’s most powerful window fashion configurator that allows for optimum viewing of styles and selections
  • Provides sizing information and selections based on available mounting hardware options
  • This configurator show users exact representations of blind materials, colors and translucent selections
  • Complex filtering shows available cord and electric operator options
  • We have designed the window fashion configurator as an easy to use resource for dealers and end-users that quickly provides the necessary details to close sales