Integrating with an ERP System? Make CenterPoint™ Your Center of Attention

Published on January 20th, 2016

Brant Olson – WTS Paradigm, Business Development

It’s no secret that WTS Paradigm has developed an ERP system for manufacturers called MasterPoint™, and it’s also no secret that many manufacturers choose to integrate CenterPoint with other ERP systems that they have a long history with, or have found to be a better fit. Whatever ERP system you’re utilizing, it’s most important to have a tight integration with CenterPoint in order to maximize the potential benefits.

Overall, you want to establish real-time, two-way communication between your ERP system and CenterPoint. When this is achieved, you’ll realize the following benefits:

  • Eliminate Overhead: when the systems seamlessly communicate back-and-forth, you only need to enter your orders into CenterPoint, there’s no longer a need to re-enter any order information into your ERP system
  • Reduce Errors: the more manual re-keying of information into your ERP system, the greater the number of human errors you’ll have; it’s unfortunate, but it’s true. With a close integration, you’ll only need to enter orders into CenterPoint
  • Real-Time Data: because of this two-way communication, your customers will be able to see the status of their orders as it’s happening, and a better informed customer is a more satisfied customer
  • Single Maintenance: you’ll decrease overhead when you avoid dual maintenance of your systems. So, all you need to do is manage your building product data in the WTS Paradigm quoting and ordering application that has better and more comprehensive toolsets that are specific to the building products industry
  • Speed-to-Market: you’ll be able to hit the ground running for new product launches and enhancements. When you use the WTS building products configurator, you aren’t required to work within the restrictions of an ERP system that encompasses generic configurators and product data structures
  • Bestin-Class: because your integration is well designed, both systems are working in tandem doing exactly what each is designed to do. With CenterPoint from WTS, you’ll have the best building products configurator and quoting software, and with your ERP system, you’ll have the best order fulfillment application

The benefits of a well designed integration between your ERP system and CenterPoint can yield numerous and valuable benefits. And we can make certain that will happen.