WTS Paradigm Announces New Consumer-Facing Software Product

Published on January 10th, 2018

WTS Paradigm is proud to announce the launch of a new software product called InspireSM.

Inspire enables building product manufacturers to present the highly customized, complex, and industry-specific process of configuring custom products in a way that is both intuitive and enjoyable for the average consumer.

Most homeowners think of the process of buying new windows or doors for their home as an expensive, difficult, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. In many cases, homeowners anticipate that it will be an overwhelming and stressful experience, but with Inspire it doesn’t have to be.

Inspire allows manufacturers to create a consumer-friendly experience that guides the homeowner step by step through the process without requiring any previous industry knowledge. This approach makes it easy for consumers to choose the features they’re looking for, like privacy or energy efficiency, without thinking about the mechanics or assembly of the product. The homeowner is free to explore options, tweak their product configuration, and really get inspired by the options that could fit into their home.

The power of Inspire lies in the back-end data collection. While consumers configure their dream products on the front end, quoting information is stored on the back end for manufacturer or dealer sales reps to follow up on. In this way, Inspire not only acts as a lead generation tool, but also helps to accelerate the sales pipeline because of the excitement it creates with the consumer.

This game-changing product means that homeowners no longer need to feel like experts in building products before they feel confident searching for the perfect new window, door, or any other building product.

And perhaps best of all, Inspire is flexible. WTS Paradigm can do as much or as little as our clients require, ranging from simply passing along the necessary API’s to the development of a complete consumer-facing website.

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