Introducing Inspire

Inspire offers a unique solution for the building products industry by providing an easy, accessible, and consumer-friendly configurator that makes it possible for consumers to enjoy product configuration.

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“The Inspire UI is fast, sleek, extremely easy to use and navigate…and you can leverage APIs to create your own experience.”
Kari Tamminga – Product Owner, WTS Paradigm

Reach Consumers in a New Way

It all starts online. On your website.


Using a configurator designed specifically for consumers, homeowners can explore your products and options, configure products with the options that they want, tweak their product configurations, and get inspired by how your products could fit into their home.

While consumers configure their dream products, quoting information is stored on the back end for sales reps to follow up on. Your expert sales reps can then get in touch with potential customers to close sales.

Kari Tamminga – Product Owner, WTS Paradigm

How Inspire Works

“Inspire leverages the platform that we have today, that’s used by so many, and extends that technology into the hands of homeowners.”
Kari Tamminga – Product Owner, WTS Paradigm

Inspire is a new way to market your catalog directly to consumers. It leverages the power of your existing catalog and your existing branding, while allowing you to showcase your products in a way that consumers understand.

Inspire plugs right in to your website, creating a seamless experience for consumers. They can move from online searching, to exploring your website, to configuring your products for their homes.

You control the catalog. You control the information. You control the depth. And you control the branding.

What You’ll Notice After Implementing Inspire

More Leads

Inspire’s consumer design, marketing focus, and online availability makes it an easy tool that’s always there for your customers. And that means it’s always there to generate leads for your sales team.

Excited Customers

Consumers feel empowered to make decisions and they’re excited to purchase the products they configured.

Stronger Sales Opportunities

Your sales team is set up for success. Potential customers are already excited about your products and already really want your products to be theirs. Your sales team is selling to consumers who are already interested.