Solution:Inspiration for Buyers

The key to better selling is better customer engagement.

Inspire™ from WTS Paradigm makes the world your showroom.

What’s better than selling to one? Well, it’s selling to everyone. With Inspire, you’ll be able to distribute your catalog to virtually any website and extend your reach across all channels. Inspire includes a beautiful front-end website that is brandable and easily plugs into your current website. And it’s SaaS, so it’s fast and there is no maintenance needed. Our web-based application lets consumers do exactly what you want them to do  – consume your configurable products and options, using realistic product visualization.

We know that when consumers can interact with your product line, there’s a good chance they’ll transact with it, too.

Here’s how Inspire works:

Your product catalog is made accessible to consumers across the web. They review the information that you want them to see, but you control the depth of that information, which might be simplified for a better online experience. Consumers can send their configuration to stores or dealers who can quote the projects, and at the same time, even upsell the projects when the opportunities present themselves.



Market to Customers

Provides a platform to market your catalog to end consumers

Increase Sales

Places configurator capabilities at the home-owner level

Extend Reach

Increases the number of quotes by extending your catalog to more audiences

Provide Access

Provides access to your catalog in a home, on a job site, in a store aisle

Enhance the Brand

Brand the configurator to match your current website

Inspire Buyers

Allow a consumer to visualize their project