Customer Spotlight: Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors

Published on March 16th, 2016

By Kari Tamminga – WTS Paradigm Marketing Manager

Christopher Meiorin, Founder and President of Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors, with headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, not far from Toronto, Canada, is fond of saying, “Some have the good fortune of a strong family at home. Some have strong ties to their work family. I have the good fortune to have both.” And he also has the good fortune of shepherding the growth of a company that is renowned throughout Canada for their unwavering commitment to highly engineered windows and doors.

In 1986, when Meiorin and his investor group started the company, they recognized a need for custom windows and doors that would look and operate differently from traditional products. With a strong working knowledge in material science, the company’s leadership forged a close relationship with REHAU, a global polymer giant headquartered in the city of Rehau in the Bavarian part of Germany. Frequently, Euro Vinyl staff allude to their windows and doors as being similar to the quality and functionality of products manufactured in Germany that are widely regarded as engineering marvels. Euro Vinyl has no problem backing-up that claim. Since the company was founded 30 years ago, they have never hired a field service representative.

Of course, this type of quality comes at a price, but to discerning homeowners who are researching their best and most innovative custom window and door options, Euro Vinyl rises to the top. Laura Weil, who manages sales and marketing for the company, said, “Our market is for end-users who have contemporary, upscale tastes. As soon as a dealer, or even an installer, handles our windows and doors, they become immediately salable.” Weil credits this engineering and quality differentiation to advanced manufacturing machinery and a talented workforce that is consistent and long standing. In fact, Weil herself is the newest employee on the team, having started with the company five years ago. But it’s not just a devoted workforce, it’s also a diverse one reflected in the many countries that were the birthplace to many of the company’s employees.

Euro Vinyl’s fastest growing product line is their tilt-turn windows that are popular in Europe but now catching on in Canada. The innovative hardware allows each unit to tilt at the top or swing in for easy cleaning or emergency egress. The tilt-turn windows also score top marks in energy, sound insulation and security ratings.

Product innovation isn’t the only unique characteristic to Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors. The company, led by the efforts of Weil, is building their brand through social media. Social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are actively utilized. In fact, Weill manages 30 different social media accounts in all, including one of her favorites, Glasshaus Living on Instagram, Weil will be speaking at the Fenestration Canada annual conference this June about her social media efforts. Learn more about Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors at their website:

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