Solution:Configure, Price & Quote

CenterPoint, the technology that builds the building products industry.

Isn’t the point to sell more and spend less time doing it?

Of course it is. Every manufacturer, lumberyard, retailer and dealer wants to drive more revenue in the fastest and highest quality method possible. With CenterPoint, from WTS Paradigm, the most comprehensive selling, quoting, order entry, configuration, and data analysis solutions for the building products industry, you’ll be able to achieve your sales and efficiency objectives with consistency.


It’s the data that drives the results.

CenterPoint takes all of your products, in every imaginable combination, preference and selection, and becomes the engine that drives the sales process from quoting to closing, and every step in between. It’s not just the industry’s leading configurator; it’s a brain trust storing all of your pricing, options, drawings, whatever the input needs to be. And then there’s the output, which not only becomes an easy-to-use configuration experience, but also uses your own data to drive more sales.

CenterPoint minimizes waiting times for customers, it reduces errors that are prevalent in manual environments, it allows you to see the details of the complete transaction process, and it can be used by your direct customers for quoting and order entry at their place of business or even in a customer’s home.

CenterPoint Benefits

Enhance Your Brand

Enhance your brand to sales channels by customizing the look and feel

Manage Data

Store all product pricing and options and create a multi-level bill of materials to manage your product data allowing for optimal speed to market

Add Resources

Provide added resources by producing scaled technical drawings for use by architects and engineers

Reduce Errors

Error prevention technology notifies you of incorrect data before finalizing a quote

Educate Users

Embed marketing content to educate users on product features and benefits

Sell More

Spend more time selling and less time quoting with innovative, rapid quoting features

Last year, CenterPoint configured and processed more than $5,187,347,890 of building product orders.

But hey, who’s counting?

Actually we are. That’s because being precise in everything we do is critical. Building product companies throughout North America rely on us for quality data, error prevention, labor efficiencies and sales uptick. And they know they’ll get it because CenterPoint is the most feature-rich software in the industry.

“WTS Paradigm’s CenterPoint offers the efficiency and functionality needed by Pella Corporation as an industry leader. Their configurator and order entry tools deliver the quality options and flexibility Pella needs to drive our business and productivity in selling Pella® Windows & Doors.”

Debbie Summerville – Senior IT Application Development Manager, Pella Corporation