Marketing segmentation, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM) and team building concepts.February 3rd, 2016

Using Data for the Greater Good

Kari Tamminga – WTS Paradigm, Marketing Manager And the greater good just happens to be the greater good of your company. Billy Beane, the famous Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Oakland Athletics, who was made even more famous after Brad Pitt portrayed him in the critically acclaimed movie, Moneyball, famously said, “Almost like a […]

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EndUserSupportJanuary 29th, 2016

Want the Best End User Support? Learn How Kolbe Did It!

When WTS Paradigm partner and industry giant, Kolbe Windows & Doors, faced a challenge in supporting their ever-growing dealer network – it was cause to for us to step back and realize that we have the solution….we are the solution! Learn how WTS Paradigm offers Kolbe some of the best user support in the industry. […]

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iStock_000031924508_LargeJanuary 20th, 2016

Integrating with an ERP System? Make CenterPoint™ Your Center of Attention

Brant Olson – WTS Paradigm, Business Development It’s no secret that WTS Paradigm has developed an ERP system for manufacturers called MasterPoint™, and it’s also no secret that many manufacturers choose to integrate CenterPoint with other ERP systems that they have a long history with, or have found to be a better fit. Whatever ERP […]

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tablet and computer_000038755608XXXLargeJanuary 14th, 2016

WTS Paradigm Website: Redesigned and Representative of the Industry

WTS Paradigm recently launched its new website,, which truly captures the complexity of configured building products while displaying the user-friendly solutions offered by WTS Paradigm. The technology company unveiled its redesigned website in mid December 2015. Its fresh look and exciting content allows WTS Paradigm to showcase the intersection of the technology and building […]

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EUA WTS CNP-0454January 14th, 2016

Did You Sell The Company???

Nathan Herbst – CEO, WTS Paradigm I received questions from a couple people yesterday asking, “did you sell the company”?  My answer?  No! As you may have seen in recent news, Paradigm Window Solutions (in Maine) sold to CapitalWorks.  We did not sell our company, and there are no plans to sell the company.  We are having fun […]

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Ventana_Website_sidebarJanuary 13th, 2016

Ventana USA Featured in US Builders Review

We’re happy to announce that our long-time partner, Ventana USA, was recently featured in the US Builders Review. Take a look at the digital edition   

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NFRC House_smallJanuary 6th, 2016

We’re Putting our Energy into Energy Performance Ratings

Pete Johnson – WTS Paradigm Product Lead It’s estimated that the total energy lost through windows in the U.S. is $35 billion annually. That’s a huge number, which is why WTS Paradigm is placing a huge importance on providing users of our building products software with information about energy performance ratings and data right at the […]

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xmas2016_smallDecember 22nd, 2015

Happy Holidays from Everyone at WTS Paradigm!

Thank you for another amazing year!

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iStock_000010129903MediumDecember 16th, 2015

Why Dealer Support is Critical to Window and Door Software

Derek Blackmore – WTS Paradigm Manager of Product Support & Maintenance When dealers start asking you technical questions about WTS Paradigm window and door software in general, or have questions about CenterPoint™ in particular, you might want to consider utilizing our dealer support services. Think about it this way. You are the experts at answering […]

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markets_windowsDecember 14th, 2015

Welcome to our new website.

It’s here. It’s live. It’s jam-packed with the information you need. And it’s loaded with beautiful images of gorgeous homes provided to us by our extraordinary customers. But it’s not finished, and quite frankly, it never will be. That’s the nature of websites, you update them constantly; new blogs, and by the way, you’ll see […]

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