The art of simplicity: a quick primer on integrating with CenterPoint™ and MasterPoint™.

Published on August 17th, 2016

By Brant Olson, Product Manager – WTS Paradigm

Integration. It conjures-up the possibility of something being technically complex, potentially costly, and fraught with problems. At times, this might be true; after all, horror stories abound. But not at WTS Paradigm, and certainly not with our customers.

Long ago, we had the foresight to recognize that nearly all of our customers, at some point in time, would need to integrate to other applications whether they be financial, shop floor, or ERP. And even though our very own fenestration-specific ERP, MasterPoint, is driving production while reducing lead times and costs for our customers, in many cases there are still third-party applications that require integration.

So, how did we simplify integration when others are still dealing with its complexities? We built in easy to use, well-documented APIs (Application Program Interface) into our products that support the integration with outside applications. It’s really that simple. All we need to do, and all you need to do, is use these API’s to link systems together that require integration. Granted, without our APIs, the situation might be entirely different, but with them, integrating to other third-party applications is simple and fast.

This is the type of flexibility that is the hallmark of WTS Paradigm. Where others are reluctant to integrate, we do what’s in your best interest. In the end, whatever your integration needs are, whatever the applications might be, we’ll be the company championing the integration protocol, making it easy for you and your technology team, and doing it quickly with the highest amount of quality.