WTS Paradigm Corporate Headquarters

What should a technology company build for the building products industry?

Innovation, invention and ingenuity, of course.

And that’s just the price of entry. At WTS Paradigm we build revenue, and sales opportunities, and sales leads. We build data sets that improve profitability. We are builders of quality and consistency in your catalog offerings, and we build assurances that your pricing is foolproof.

And what else do we build for the building trade? Your brand, your accessibility to all sales channels, manufacturing execution excellence, and we build the processes you need from quoting to closing.

WTS Paradigm Corporate Headquarters

Ours is a culture of open doors, windows of opportunities, and siding with the customer.

But without promoting a culture of knowledge, there probably wouldn’t be much to promote. We’re knowledgeable about the industries we serve, that’s building products and software and technology, because our clients count on us. We need to be knowledgeable about their businesses, their goals and their products. We need to show our customers ways to drive revenue, minimize expenses, and use data in innovative ways to meet their objectives. For us, a culture of knowledge is as mandatory as a hinge on a casement.

WTS Paradigm Corporate Headquarters

Walk down any hallway at WTS Paradigm and you’ll run right into a brainiac. But not your run-of-the-mill brainiac. They’re not just smart, they’re caring. They care for the people they work with and they’re concerned about the customer. They volunteer in the community and they voluntarily beat the brains out of each other in Shuffle Board, Ping-Pong or at their very own Office Olympics. Visit us sometime and you’ll see what we mean.


WTS Paradigm Leadership

Nathan Herbst


Nathan joined Lyn Hartl in 1999 to start the most innovative software company in the building products industry. An entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Nathan is responsible for driving the vision of the company and positioning the technology to bring further opportunities to building products companies. Prior to WTS Paradigm, Nathan was a lead consultant for Cap Gemini/ Ernst and Young where he worked on innovative projects throughout North America and Europe. Today, Nathan guides WTS Paradigm in preserving a dynamic, fun, and rewarding work environment with a strong emphasis of community involvement. When Nathan is not in the office, he’s meeting with customers and attending industry events; back in the office, Nathan talks with customers, conducts strategy sessions with the WTS Paradigm team, and is consistently looking for the next great idea that will positively impact his client’s success and forever change the building products industry for the better. Nathan has been selected for many prestigious awards, including Madison’s 40 under 40, and is an active member of the Young Presidents Organization. Nathan lives in Middleton with his wife Sarah and their four children. They enjoy biking, hiking, and traveling.

Lyn Hartl


Lyn Hartl founded WTS Paradigm in January 1999, and since then, has accumulated over 27 years of experience in the building products industry. Lyn has a degree in civil engineering and has spent the majority of his professional career in various engineering positions. Lyn started WTS Paradigm while working for a large window manufacturer where he served on the company’s software selection committee. He soon realized that many ERP systems were not capable of handling the complexities of the window and door industry where combinations and options were limitless and customization added additional complexities. He also understood that it was paramount for software developers and project mangers to know the industry, inside and out. Today, Lyn helps drive the vision for the company, while remaining interested in engineering details, and system operations and processes that will continue to save customers time and money. Lyn resides in Medford with his wife Wendy and seven children. He is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys fishing and hunting.

Joel Fields


Joel Fields joined WTS Paradigm in 2005 after serving in a variety of leadership positions at Epic Systems Corporation, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory and other top level corporations. Joel is that rare person who excels at finance and operations yet has broad experience in the software industry. At WTS Paradigm, Joel has successfully led virtually every department including software development, product management, sales, professional services, finance, legal and human resources. Joel’s broad perspective of all facets of the business make him ideally suited for his responsibilities of overseeing the execution of WTS Paradigm’s strategy, managing financial and operational performance and driving effective change within the organization. In Joel’s free time, he enjoys traveling, biking, renovating his older home, and spending time with his wife and daughter. Joel is a graduate of Michigan State University, and is a member of Executive Agenda.

Brandon Peck

Director of Professional Services

Brandon Peck joined WTS Paradigm in 2011 as a project manager and brings over 10 years of Professional Services experience to the team. Prior to joining WTS Paradigm, he served in a number of leadership positions ranging from Team Lead to Director at Epic Systems Corporation. In 2012 Brandon created and began managing the WTS Project Management Office. As the PMO Manager, Brandon more than doubled the size of that department while designing and implementing many of the cross-functional methodologies and operational management tools used by WTS Services teams today. Since that time, Brandon has worked with a number of our customers and in a variety of roles within the team, focusing on operational tools and improvements, team member development, and project delivery best practices. As the Director of Professional Services, Brandon focuses on daily operations and continued growth of the Project Management, Consultant, and Development Services teams to best meet our customer’s service needs.
Brandon is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Outside WTS, Brandon spends much of his free time as a high school and club volleyball coach for two Madison-area teams.