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Thank you very much for your interest in 360 Innovations’ technology solutions.

We’re pleased to announce that our recent acquisition by WTS Paradigm has enabled 360 Innovations to offer an exciting new suite of products and services exclusively aimed at helping manufacturers and retailers in the building products industry to grow their businesses. Learn more about our product offering below.

Quoting, Order Entry, Configuration

Selling Solutions

It’s what you need for quoting, order entry, configuration and upselling, cross-selling and every sales method in between. Our SaaS platform provides a world-class experience for selling in-store, online, in-home, or through a dealer network.


ERP Solutions

Our ERP platform empowers you to manage production better, simplify your integrations, reduce labor and rework costs, optimize forecasting, and reduce lead times.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Let WTS Paradigm give you the easy button with reporting that takes your business intelligence to the next level. We have data solutions to help you get the most out of your sales, marketing and production operations.


Implementation & Consulting

WTS Paradigm Corporate Headquarters

Professional Services

Take advantage of our industry knowledge by utilizing expert system implementation and consulting services that will provide a faster ROI.


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