We are the software that configures products, analyzes data, controls catalog quality and builds sales for the building products industry.





If data drives decisions, who is driving the data?

You are. And we are. Together we’ll drive revenue through the roof and toss inefficiencies out the window.

We’re the doorway to greater sales and your window of opportunity for upselling. Think of us as your building products catalog configurator who just happens to know how to configure solutions that increase sales, reduce expenses, minimize catalog errors, streamline the quoting process and maximize manufacturing excellence. And we do it through our CenterPoint application that uses your data to produce more leads and greater affinity for your products. So, let’s take a look at your windows, doors, garage doors, or even your window fashions and we’ll fashion a return on investment that will raise the roof.


When you limit your focus to one industry, the opportunities are unlimited.

We’re all consumed by the building products industry. We’re not spending our time chasing other markets, we’re spending our time understanding this market. Actually, our internal focus is really on the external. Windows, doors, garage doors, siding, roofing and window fashions; that’s our niche, our stronghold, and our point of differentiation. That’s why manufacturers, retailers, lumberyards and dealers take advantage of our solutions. They know that if a little industry knowledge is good, then a lot of industry knowledge is great. Here’s to industry know-how, yours, ours and everything in between.



Why do manufacturers partner with WTS Paradigm?

We could tell you, but it’s much better to hear it directly from our customers!  In this short video, you’ll hear from just a few of the building materials manufacturers who trust WTS Paradigm and our technology solutions to grow their sales, improve their operations, and provide valuable insights into their businesses.



Bank on us for data science and increased sales.

Some of the largest companies in our industry are banking on our data science. In fact, by consulting with our marketing and data services team, these companies can capitalize on a wide variety of insights that can create sales lift through upselling, maximizing pricing strategies, and growing the decision-to-buy percentages.

You already know that we understand the industry, that we move billions of dollars in sales, and that we possess the critical data. Now it’s time you know that we have the data science team to help you build the strategies for increased revenue and profitability.


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